Stucount Card

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Stucount Card
  1. What's a Stucount Card?

    A Stucount Card is your ticket to exclusive, student-only savings on stuff you buy every day: movie tickets, food, books, clothes, services, and more!
  2. How do I use a Stucount Card?

    Flash your Card at participating online and retail locations to save up to 20% every day! New merchants joining daily — check out our Directory of Discounts to see where you can save!
  1. How do I get my Stucount Card?

    We do campus promotions from time to time and hand out stucount cards at the time. If you missed the campus promotion, you can still apply for it. This is how you can get it:
    1. Sign up & Verify, once you've signed up:
    2. Login and navigate to My Stucount -> Stucount Card section, confirm your mailing details and we'll mail your card to you. There is no fee to apply, no shipping or handling charge. It's that simple!

    Get your (FREE) card now and save money with great student discounts. !10% here, 20% there - it all adds up!