An appeal to all fellow students out there!


We need your help! You know, we are not a big corporation. We are also a bunch of students working behind the scenes, bringing you discounts through the Stucount Card; and we give that card to you for FREE. Shoot, we don’t even charge shipping and handling to mail the card to you.

Why FREE? Because we think students shouldn't have to pay for a student discount card. Asking students - the very community we want to benefit - to pay is just uncool! So, the Stucount Card is FREE and will ALWAYS be FREE! But this means, we've to work with a SMALL budget. So, we are asking YOU for HELP in spreading the word:

Like, Share, Tweet, +1, Email your friends and tell them to get a FREE card of their own at While it will only take a minute, its effect can be enormous, as more students joining Stucount equals bigger and better discounts for all Stucount cardholders -- including YOU!

Stucount Team

PS: Please also consider providing feedback on our website - hearing from you makes our day!