Our Story

Our Story

Stucount: By broke students, for broke students We—a group of university graduates—founded Stucount, after suffering through four years of the ‘always broke’ student lifestyle. We remember (all too well) the days of scouring newspapers and flyers for deals on the stuff we needed to live—you know, things like pizza, burgers, beer, jeans, backpacks, laptops, concert tickets, and Cheetos®. We’d flash our student ID cards everywhere, asking, “Do you offer a student discount?”

Take advantage of “student” buying power Since graduation, we’ve made it our business, our mission, to hunt down and negotiate student discounts for you on the products and services you use every day. Collectively, you and your fellow students hold significant buying power, which convinces smart merchants that it’s in their best interests to offer student discounts.

Stucount vouchers = substantial savings for you Here at Stucount, those discounts come in the form of what we call Stucount vouchers, which you can print from your computer and redeem in-store for the full face-value, just like gift cards! The only difference: you save up to 90% on the very same products and services that non-Stucount members pay full price for! For instance, save each time you’d like to see a movie by buying your $12 ticket here at Stucount for only $8! Or, the next time you’re joining your friends for dinner at a Stucount merchant’s establishment, purchase a voucher good for $20 worth of food for only $10!

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Not a student? Consider our sister site Workount, where working professionals may also take advantage of the collective buying power of an aggregate audience for substantial discounts on leading national brands and local business products and services throughout the U.S. and Canada.